Creative Designer

Sight Bird

Client:Sight Bird
Date: 2014 - 2015
Type: Mobile

Goal: I wanted to make an app that would allow anyone to share their city with tourists. I live in Santa Monica and each summer my city is hit with hundreds of thousands of people hoping to see the best of LA. Unfortunately I feel that they miss most of it and instead fall for the many tourist traps waiting for them. I realized there was a space for peer to peer travel guides.

Challenge: I had never worked on my own project before so I needed to validate the idea and get funding for it. The further challenge was to make sure that it was easy to understand for people who were not used to using apps and who spoke different languages.

Solutions:I had learned the hard way from past experiences that a super thorough search needed to be done to make sure the concept was not already out there in the market, and if it was, how my idea differed. To help me to do this I hired a company which specialized in tech startups. Once I established that it was an original concept and would be one of the firsts to market I got to work. Having worked with many startups, I followed a familiar path. I met with people and companies who helped create a business plan while getting to work on V1 designs. I was able to demo the prototype to investors to get angel funding. Even with the 100k funding I would be pushing it if I worked with all US developers, I had worked with a company in India and had good results and decided that I would go there and work with them side by side to get it done.

Mobile App Design