Creative Designer


Date: 2012- 2014
Type: Web/Mobile

Goal: Create a robust trading only platform

Challenge: Adjusting users’ mental model for trading rather than purchasing. Creating a sense of safety and trust around a trade.

Solutions:This was a highly collaborative project with tight deadlines. Being the only designer this startup was able to afford, I was called on to design everything including the homepage, the landing page, the iOS & android mobile apps, the pitch deck as well as other promo material. With my solid understanding of interaction principles, I was able to create elegant interfaces which were practical, accessible and most importantly functional. Im very proud that the startup was able to raise 1.1M in series seed funding with the designs. I was able to spearhead many product ideas which made their way into production. Analytics and user research were the pillars of our process. We were able to test our assumptions and play with quantitative as well as quantitative data to optimize user experiences and make the best app we could.

Wireframes for an updated homepage

Web App Design

Mobile App Design